South Africa’s strategic geographical position allows us to be able to offer a multitude of services to vessels whilst passing our coastline.

Efficient Off-port limits services have become vital due to:

  •  – An increase in the number of vessels
  •  – An increase of the size of vessels


  • There are no anchorage or port costs applicable for Off-port limits, the only costs are those related to the services conducted for the vessel (ie: the launch) and the agency fee.

  • The swift transportation of spares, crew, provisions and stores 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Medical care can be provided to crew and in severe medical cases, medical evacuations can be conducted via launch boat or helicopter.

  • Off-port limits services can be conducted in all major ports, therefore reducing the need for the vessel to deviate from its intended route.

  • Off-port limits, vessels do not need to anchor and need to only drift, thereby saving both time and money.